How to Style Activewear to the Office

How to Style Activewear to the Office

Creating a sustainable wardrobe involves choosing multifunctional and quality clothing pieces to save money and prevent closet clutter. Versatile activewear plays a crucial role as many pieces can transition seamlessly from the gym to the office when combined with existing clothing layers. Embracing such versatility promotes a more eco-friendly and efficient approach to fashion. Together let's create activewear office outfits that give off the powerhouse vibe in the boardroom to a laid-back appeal as the work week ends.

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How To Create Office-Appropriate Activewear

How to Style Activewear to the Office

Wearing comfy sweats with heels to the workplace requires some finesse and adherence to certain rules. But don't worry, wearing activewear to the office makes dressing up in the morning effortless.

Choose neutral and dark hues over brightly-colored ones.

Choose colors like black, navy, chocolate brown, or even dark green for a naturally polished look.

Choose those that fit just right.

Avoid spandex tops and overly baggy knit pants as they tend to appear unprofessional. Instead, choose pieces that strike the right balance between loose and sleek, maintaining a polished silhouette. The only exception is black opaque leggings, which can be office-appropriate when paired with an oversized sweater or a longer button-down shirt.

No shorts, please.

Shorts, especially bike shorts, are inappropriate for an office environment. Reserve them for workout classes and weekend brunch.

Go for pants or skirts that extend below the knee, regardless of how casual your office dress code may be.


Enhance the sophistication of athleisure staples by incorporating a brown leather belt into a cozy knit sweater dress or adding pearl earrings to a black pullover.

Elevate the overall look with sleek tote bags, leather loafers, dainty jewelry, or a pair of pointy-toe pumps to infuse those workwear vibes.

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How To Wear Activewear to the Office

Consider opting for laid-back blazers and structured joggers instead of traditional tailored suiting or flared leggings as activewear for the office, along with the others on this list.


Baleaf Sustainable Seamless Leggings

Choosing athleisure for the workplace is currently more acceptable than ever. However, we're not suggesting you wear your flashiest gym gear or overly revealing leggings. Instead, consider options like black, leather, or solid-colored women's leggings, ensuring they're paired with something long enough to maintain a professional appearance in the office.

Style Tip: Get your office activewear style game on with the Sustainable Seamless Leggings and pair them with an extended button-down shirt, a lengthy cardigan, a t-shirt under a long blazer, or a cozy sweater that generously covers your backside. Choose flats, such as sneakers or brogues for a comfortable and stylish look, though heels are an option if you prefer – just remember that leggings tend to pair well with flats for a balanced ensemble.

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Baleaf Evergreen Fleece-Lined Wide Leg Sweatpants

In the past, it was common to see people pairing them with heels and leather jackets, suggesting that there might be a stylish way to pull off this combination.

Style Tip: Embrace comfort and style as you go about office errands and meetings in a black pair of Evergreen Fleece-Lined Wide Leg Sweatpants. Pair them with classic pumps, a t-shirt, and a jacket. If your colleagues aren't particularly fashion-oriented, nobody will likely even realize you're sporting sweatpants.

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Flared Yoga Pants

Baleaf Flyleaf Pocketed Flared Pants

Few things in the world are as comfortable as yoga pants. What makes them even better is their versatility, effortlessly taking you from the mat to work or running errands.

Style Tip: Can anyone really tell that those are Flyleaf Pocketed Flared Pants when paired with a crisp white blouse or adorable blazer? Probably not. You'll effortlessly blend style with comfort.

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Baleaf Flyleaf Quick-Dry Lightweight Joggers

The secret is to discover joggers with tailored fit and luxurious details, subtle adjustments that transform them from a just-rolled-out-of-bed look to meeting-ready attire.

Style Tip: When putting together an outfit, consider pairing the Flyleaf Quick-Dry Lightweight Joggers with tops, jackets, and sneakers that are already staples in your work wardrobe. After all, a classic button-up shirt or a pair of crisp white sneakers can significantly enhance the overall look of your ensemble.

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Baleaf Laureate Knee-Length Lightweight Skorts

Women's skorts are incredibly versatile and can seamlessly transition into any situation, including the office. They effortlessly blend into semi-formal events, with the added benefit that their activewear nature goes unnoticed. The built-in shorts provide extra coverage and ease of movement, making them a practical choice.

Style Tip: Combine the Laureate Knee-Length Lightweight Skorts with either flats or heels, along with a basic white t-shirt and a stylish coat or jacket.

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Baleaf Evergreen Lightweight Drape Cardigan

Typically utilized for layering during spring or cooler temperatures and often worn during yoga, barre class, or pilates, a cardigan top serves more than just an outer layer. It can seamlessly complement your office attire as well.

Style Tip: Wrap the Evergreen Lightweight Drape Cardigan elegantly around your torso to enhance your silhouette. Pair it effortlessly with slacks and flats for a quick transition from a morning workout to the office. Alternatively, style it with a pencil cut skirt and pumps for a polished and professional look.

Tank Tops

Baleaf Laureate V Neck Cropped Tank Top

In warmer weather, we lean toward moisture-wicking garments that don't scream gym attire, and that's where tank tops come in handy. With a diverse range of colors, styles, and fabrics, they make layering and pairing with other clothing pieces effortlessly easy.

Style Tip:Enhance your style by layering the Laureate V Neck Cropped Tank Top beneath a blazer or cardigan, or pair it with a lovely pair of joggers. Stay effortlessly chic, even in the week's humidity.


Baleaf Evergreen Cotton Half-Zip Crop Pullover

Transforming pullovers into office-appropriate attire can be challenging. Steer clear of hoodies or anything featuring a kangaroo pouch, and save graphic designs for the weekend.

Style Tip: Achieve the perfect blend of tomboy and girly style by combining your Evergreen Cotton Half-Zip Crop Pullover with dress pants for a work-appropriate look. Enhance it further with a square-toe boot, a sleek frame bag, and subtle earrings for a touch of professionalism.

#wemovetogether From the Gym to the Board Room In Style

Choosing the appropriate activewear pieces allows you to effortlessly exude style and elegance, seamlessly transitioning from the gym to the office without the need for an extra set of clothes in your wardrobe.

Baleaf creates versatile activewear pieces that easily move you from the gym to the office. Our lovely All Women's collection ensures you not only look and feel great but transforms you to be the powerhouse you can be both in the gym and in the boardroom.

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