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What Are Modal Joggers And How to Style Modal Joggers?

What Are Modal Joggers And How to Style Modal Joggers?

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are a few of the celebrities who take a break every now and then to trade their head-to-toe designer look with a comfortable pair of joggers. Joggers, like leggings, spell comfort and style for non-complicated casual clothing. Wearing them is liberating.

But before slipping into one, let's get to know what are modal joggers and how to style them.

What are modal joggers?

Sweatpants and joggers can be mixed up easily.

Joggers, cut from slightly lighter fabric, often have a tapered cut, giving them a more polished look compared to sweatpants. Many top brands embraced comfort wear during the pandemic, leading to some excellent women's joggers and sweatpants. In contrast to sweatpants, joggers can be dressed up easily with a t-shirt and a blazer or used for a jog around the neighborhood.

Throughout the years, the fabric used in making them has also evolved. Nowadays, we have what we call modal fabric which is also used to make joggers.

Trivia: Émile Camuset, the founder of Le Coq Sportif, invented the jogger in 1920.

What is modal fabric?

What Are Modal Joggers And How to Style Modal Joggers?

Modal fabric, made from beech tree pulp, is used for clothing and bed sheets, known for its softness and flexibility but comes at a higher cost than cotton or viscose.

Originally developed in Japan in the 1950s, modal is mainly produced by Austrian company Lenzing AG, with variations like Lenzing Modal and MicroModal, offering even finer and softer options.

Modal fabric is bio-based, created from beech tree cellulose, and is eco-friendly due to minimal water use. Although it's plant-derived, the process involves chemicals, making modal a semi-synthetic type of rayon known for its durability and cotton-like softness.

What are the best modal joggers at Baleaf?

#wemovetogether to creating a more sustainable fashion line, Baleaf takes pride in using modal fabric to create some of the best modal joggers that offer comfort and style. You can't go wrong with any of the pairs you can easily grab and wear on days you want to exude a lowkey vibe or simply lounge around.

Evergreen Modal Joggers

Evergreen Modal Joggers

A site exclusive, our Evergreen Modal Joggers cannot be bought elsewhere. So if you want to get your dibs on this exclusive pair, head on to the Baleaf website.

This lovely pair is one for our women's modal joggers. It comes in three neutral colors: gray, dark gray, and anthracite. Made of 94% modal and 6% spandex for comfort and versatility. While they can be your go-to bottoms if you're constantly on-the-go, they can also be used for workouts, such as yoga, running, and other outdoor activities. With a high-rise style and an elastic waistband with drawstrings, these babies stay in place and give a more customized fit.

Evergreen Modal Elastic Cuffs Joggers

Evergreen Modal Elastic Cuff Joggers

From our men's modal joggers, we have this amazing pair of Evergreen Modal Elastic Cuff Joggers is a must-have for a more relaxed and customized fit.

Because the modal fabric is known for its softness, rest easy knowing how skin-friendly this pair is with all the convenience its pockets offer, especially when doing errands.

How to Style Modal Joggers

You can never go wrong in wearing a jogger pair whatever the weather is. These joggers are as versatile as the fabric they're made of.

Easy in Gray with White

One of the classic pairings you can do with your modal joggers is to pair them with a plain white or black t-shirt, hoops, and casual shoes for a simple and stylish look.

Laidback in All-White

Gigi, Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe aren't afraid to go all-white to show off comfort and trend with a pair of slim jogger pants, a white sweatshirt, and white Chucks or running shoes for a stylish joggers outfit complemented by big hoops and a baseball cap.

Bold in Denim and Color

Add some color to your day by donning a pair of colorful joggers. Brighten your outfit and keep it together with a denim jacket. Pair them with ankle boots for a bold look while keeping the rest of your attire more subdued.

Sexy in an Oversized Top

Joggers offer a stylish alternative to sweatpants and can be worn with graphic t-shirts, off-shoulder denim or tunic tops, and even pumps or sandals, creating a chic and versatile look.

The Black Monochrome Ensemble

This classic street-style outfit elevates your chic quotient as you pair black joggers with a tucked-in black sweater, a baseball cap, peep toes, and an oversized tote bag. Achieve the killer look by painting your pout with dark lipstick.

Edgy in a Statement Tee or Sweater

Catch everyone's attention with a statement tee and jogger pairing. This pairing shouts out an edgy and urbane style. Complete your look with some pale pink pumps and a sling bag.

Cute in a Cropped Top

Joggers and cropped tops make a cute pair. Grab your go-to joggers and pair them with a cute cropped top. Finish the look with a pair of open-toed, broad-heeled shoes.

Joggers for Pajamas

Heading to a sleepover or a slumber party?

Head over to the party dressed in your chosen cotton joggers for that added coziness and don a versatile loungewear look that just looks too cute for the camera and the occasion. If the temperatures are low, come in a pair of thermal tapered joggers to stay warm.

Dainty in a Lacey Top

Pair your solid-colored joggers with a lace top to show off the high-street fashion flair. Add a pair of stilettos for a more sophisticated look.

Why go for clothes in modal fabric?

Modal fabric offers several benefits.

It's stretchy, making it great for t-shirts and athletic wear. Its softness is often preferred in making bed sheets, pajamas, and undergarments.

It lets the skin breath without compromising its durability. It drapes well on just about any body type. Moreover, it doesn't pill and maintains its color and shape even after several washes. And say goodbye to ironing because it doesn't crease.

But more importantly, it's biodegradable, so it's an environment-friendly and sustainable material for our planet.

Fall In Love. Lounge Around. Move with Baleaf's Modal Line

Our modal line, crafted from ultra-soft and breathable fabric, ensures your comfort and style for all-day wear, whether you're at home or on the go.

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