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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Work Leggings in the Office

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Work Leggings in the Office

Leggings are popular in women's fashion, and the discussion about their suitability for business casual wear continues. Business casual attire is professional yet relaxed, allowing for options like leggings, but there are important considerations to bear in mind. So Baleaf outlined for you the dos and don'ts of wearing work leggings in the office.

However, please consult your employee's manual to check the allowed business casual attire for dress-down Fridays. Some companies have a required dress code to follow. Not following those is a fashion faux pas.

The Dos and Don'ts of Leggings for Office Work

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Work Leggings in the Office

Business casual outfits blend casual and formal pieces. While leggings are typically seen as casual or athletic wear, they can be styled appropriately for the office environment.

Wearing leggings to the office is possible if done correctly. Go for well-fitted, thick fabric leggings, preferably in classic black, and consider exploring various styles like stirrup or split hem for a versatile look.

Do know if work leggings are allowed to be worn in your workplace.

Dress codes vary among companies. Some allow women to wear leggings as part of business casual attire while others limit them to casual Fridays. Always review your office's dress code to ensure your outfit complies with the rules.

Don't wear the leggings you use at home to work.

Let's be honest with ourselves, ladies.

Many of us wear leggings for comfort at home and when running errands. Who wouldn't fall in love with a pair of awesome leggings? Their very existence spells comfort and coziness.

However, avoid wearing the casual pairs we wear at home to work because they might appear too informal. Instead invest in at least two high-quality leggings exclusively for the office, ensuring they comply with workplace guidelines.

Do pair your leggings with loose and long tops at the office.

Pairing a tight short blouse with leggings at work can make you appear overly casual. As a general guideline, pair your form-fitting leggings with flowy tops for adequate coverage. Remember, in a corporate office, it's best to avoid wearing skin-tight clothing all over.

Don't wear leggings in sheer fabric or material.

Baleaf Thermal Leggings

Choose thick and opaque leggings, such as the Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket Leggings, because they're made of thick fabric and have passed the squat non-see-through tests.

Dark-colored leggings made of materials like jersey or fleece are a safe bet. Sheer or light leggings can work under dresses or skirts, creating a hosiery-like appearance for a professional look, especially in colder weather. The same goes when wearing women's thermal leggings which can work as a base layer under your regular winter getup.

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Do wear a good pair of shoes.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Work Leggings in the Office

Pair leggings with professional attire and go for work-appropriate flats or heels, reserving colorful shoes or sneakers for casual Fridays. Most office-friendly leggings complement various shoe styles, allowing flexibility in choosing between heels, flats, loafers, or boots.

Don't make them your only go-to work attire.

Use leggings as a part of your office wardrobe, but don't make them your daily go-to work attire. Frequent use might go against your office dress code and lead to reprimands. Diversify your attire with slacks, dresses, and skirts for a more versatile work wardrobe.

Do pair work leggings with a blazer.

In a hurry? Adding a blazer can instantly elevate your work outfit, especially with leggings, providing structure and a polished look.

Keep a blazer handy in your car or at your desk for quick meetings. While leggings are becoming more acceptable at work, ensure you adhere to corporate dress codes and use these tips to wear them in comfortable yet office-appropriate ways.

How To Style Your Work Leggings in the Office

Now that we're done with the dos and don'ts of wearing leggings at the office, let's create a stylish but professional ensemble with them.

Wear a blazer.

As mentioned, pairing your leggings with a blazer instantly gives that office-look vibe.

Combine leggings with a blazer and a chic cashmere t-shirt for a versatile business casual look. For a trendy style, complement your look with a pair of stylish loafers and delicate jewelry, or switch to pumps for a seamless day-to-night transition.

Pair with an oversized sweater or tunic.

Match your leggings with an oversized sweater, vest, or tunic. For colder weather, wear a pair of women's winter leggings with a long-sleeve top or button-up, and in warmer months, choose seamed leggings with a lightweight tunic. Complete the look with ankle boots or pointy flats for a polished yet comfortable style.

Feel laidback in a long cardigan.

Baleaf Lightweight Drape Cardigan

Wear a knee-length cardigan, like the Evergreen Lightweight Drape Cardigan, to create a quick and comfortable outfit with the Flyleaf 3-Pocket Leggings, matched with a high-neck tank top or blouse.

Enhance the look by adding a scarf or layered pendant necklaces and finish with stylish flats or classic heels for your footwear choice.

Layer up with a shirt dress.

Elevate your look from casual to business by wearing leggings with a shirtdress and a waist belt. This versatile outfit can be made professional or casual with the right accessories and footwear.

Don an oversized blouse or a long button-down.

Combine leggings with a long, flowy blouse for a seamless transition from office to happy hour. Choose a neutral-colored blouse like cream and layer with a cardigan or blazer for added warmth in fall and winter.

A crisp white button-down shirt is effortlessly versatile and essential for business casual wear. After much searching, I splurged on the perfect one, and it pairs beautifully with leggings.

Pair up with a sweater vest.

When the temps get a bit nippy, pair your thermal leggings with a long, slightly oversized sweater vest for work. Wear it over a t-shirt in spring, a crisp white button-down in fall, or a turtleneck in winter, and finish the look with loafers.

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Other Things To Consider About Work Leggings

When selecting a work outfit, consider your company's dress code and aim for a more formal look if you're unsure about appropriateness.

Additionally, factor in any important meetings or events on your schedule and choose a more professional attire when needed.

Lastly, contemplate the message you want to convey with your outfit, whether it's a professional, polished appearance, or a more casual and approachable style.

#wemovetogether Even in the Office

Business casual varies by industry, company, and location but is generally seen as conservative yet relaxed office attire. Modern corporate dress codes increasingly accept casual wear, making it easier to include leggings as one of the options.

Baleaf is at the helm of this transition in the workplace with our lovely leggings in our Women's Yoga collection. Take your pick from our wide array of fabrics and styles. We do more than women's workout leggings with pockets.

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