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The Best Flared Pants for Your Body Type and Personality

The Best Flared Pants for Your Body Type and Personality

Y2K fashion revival, thanks to Gen-Z, has officially emerged in the form of flared leggings, low-rise jeans, mini skirts, and chunky jewelry, providing a versatile and stylish option suitable for activities ranging from workouts to casual lounging, while also enhancing your curves and creating the illusion of longer, leaner legs. So if you're planning to don one at the gym or in your next Pilates or yoga sesh, read on to find out the best flared pants for your body type and personality.

Why Wear Flared Leggings

Celebrities, like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Emily Ratajkowski, to name a few, have been bringing in their flair for these lovely bell-bottom leggings. They give that enough stretch and sculpting we all love, among others.

Hello, Longer and Leaner Legs!

Without a doubt, flared leggings give a more flattering fit. They hug the hips and thighs and widen from the knees onward. When worn with the right top and shoes, they can give a beautiful silhouette of longer and leaner legs. 

Versatility at Its Best

Because a flared pair can be easily dressed up or down, they can help lessen the clutter in our closet. They are incredibly versatile as they can be worn in various occasions, from working out to running errands and even for lounging at home.

Pair them with a stylish top and heels for a night out. Dress them down with a casual t-shirt and sweet kicks for a more relaxed look.

Comfort and Style for the Win 

These lovely flared bottoms offer comfort through their relaxed fit around the hips and thighs, making them suitable for everyday activities.

They allow you to express your individual style as they come in a variety of colors and prints, providing options to match your unique fashion preferences.

The Different Body Types

Ready to embrace this revived classic but uncertain about the most flattering style for your body shape? Get to know the several body types before getting a pair of flares.

Pear Shape

You are indeed 'bootylicious', according to Beyoncé, if you have this body type. Think Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Shakira, and Christina Aguilera for this body shape.

Pear-shaped women are usually bottom-heavy. They have the weight around the hips, thighs, and rear.

Look for form-fitting styles from the butt down to the middle of your knees while avoiding pleats at the waist, which can draw attention to your hips. Longer flares that nearly cover your shoes are recommended to create a leaner and elongated appearance.

Evergreen Modal Flared Pants

Our Evergreen Modal Flared Pants with wider flares work best to balance a pear-shaped body, providing a flattering silhouette, along with keeping the tummy in check.

Apple Shape

In contrast to the pear shape, the apple shape body type is top-heavy with a narrower lower body. If you have this type, opt for wider flares that harmonize the proportions of your lower half.

Laureate 32" Crossover High-Rise Flared Pants

Get styles that hug your waist to enhance your natural curves, such as one with a v-shaped waistline, like our Laureate 32" Crossover High-Rise Flared Pants. Pair them with any of our cropped tops and you're good-to-go.

Column or Rectangular Shape

Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman exude this body type.

Women with a rectangular or columnar body shape typically possess nearly identical bust and hip measurements. Most models who walk the runway often come in this shape. They boast long legs and can elegantly carry off the volume of flare pants. This is why many fashion designers favor models with this body type. It allows them to highlight the intricate details in practically any clothing or style they wear.

If you have a rectangular body shape, rest assured that flared pants will complement your figure, regardless of the specific style you opt for. Therefore, feel free to explore and experiment to your heart's content.

Petite Frame

While petite women, like the Olsen Twins and Nicole Richie, may find it challenging to pull off flared leggings, it doesn't mean wearing one should be avoided. The beauty of a pair of flares is that there is always a type for every kind of body, coupled with good styling.

Laureate High-Rise Flared Pants

For this body frame, choose well-fitted options and avoid cuffed or baggy styles. A more snug fit can create a taller and leaner appearance, like our Laureate High-Rise Flared Pants, especially when paired with heels.

The best flared pants for this body type are the bootcut flared pants and those with smaller flares. Larger flares or bell-bottoms can overwhelm a petite frame.

Round Shape

For women with this body type, characterized by more weight around the tummy and a fuller bust, pants with a straight classic cut are the most flattering, creating a balanced look between the upper and lower body.

To enhance your appearance, seek pants with a moderate flare, avoid figure-hugging styles, and opt for mid-rise options to elongate the upper torso and achieve a slimmer effect.

Hourglass Shape

Ooh-la-la, the coca-cola body shape most women desire!

Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lauren, and Elizabeth Taylor are the classic examples of this body type, along with Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara, to name a few.

The hourglass body shape features nearly identical measurements at the bust and hips with a narrow waist, creating that classic hourglass figure.

If you have an hourglass body type, flare pants are your ideal choice, as they beautifully complement your curves, allowing you to pick from a variety of styles from high-rise flared pants to yoga flared pants.

Consider a waist-hugging style to accentuate your vivacious curves and confidently flaunt your figure.

How to Style Flared Pants

The best flared pants offer countless fashion possibilities, whether you're working from home, enjoying a leisurely stroll, or running errands. Their comfort combines seamlessly with the stylish and striking silhouette, making them an ideal choice for any outfit. Discover how we style this essential activewear piece for every occasion.

Play with proportions.

The distinctive shape of flared leggings, whether it's a pair of high-rise flared pants or yoga flared pants, allows for creative experimentation with proportions.

To achieve a balanced look, consider pairing them with an oversized sweatshirt to offset the snug fit of the thighs. For added nostalgia, style your flared leggings with a vintage-inspired sweatshirt layered over a turtleneck. This versatile outfit formula works well for chilly morning brunch dates with friends and can be effortlessly paired with sneakers for a sporty vibe or loafers to elevate the overall look. 

Keep them close to the body.

Laureate High-Rise Thermal Flare Pants

For a figure-hugging look, pair flares leggings with a tight shirt, creating a sleek cat-suit effect that fully accentuates their chicness. The combination of these leggings with a snug top allows you to highlight the flare while staying comfortable. Complete the outfit with kitten heels for a night-out ensemble or opt for a casual vibe with your favorite white Dad sneakers. This versatile day-to-night outfit is a bold and stylish choice for colder weather, especially when wearing a pair, like our Laureate High-Rise Thermal Flared Pants, to stay warm and toasty.

Be a fashion powerhouse in the office.

Laureate High-Rise Pocketed Flared Pants

Your ideal workplace attire varies depending on your job, but for casual Fridays, consider the simple yet stylish option of flared leggings like our Laureate High-Rise Pocketed Flare Pants.

Elevate the look by layering an oversized dress shirt over them, creating a professional and fashionable ensemble that adds a touch of fashion flair, making the flare leggings appear more formal and resembling trousers for the day.

Stay in style from morning till night.

The best activewear seamlessly transitions from your morning gym class to the rest of your day. Flared leggings offer this flexibility, making them ideal for low-intensity workouts such as Pilates, yoga, or casual walks, and with a baby t-shirt and sneakers, you can effortlessly switch from the mat to running errands.

To embrace a more TikTok-inspired look, incorporate the ballet-core trend by adding a shrug over your sports bra to complete your flared leggings ensemble. In the realm of workout wear, flared leggings provide a perfect blend of function and fashion.

Flared Leggings Is for Every Body

Although styling flare leggings may not appear as effortless as Bella Hadid makes them seem, this style offers exceptional activewear versatility. You can discover your perfect pair of flared leggings with Baleaf as we offer a variety of cuts, colors, and styles, available for purchase online at any time.

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