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What To Wear to a Barre Class

What To Wear to a Barre Class

You might be familiar with the term "barre workouts," but what exactly do they entail? While barre exercises are typically done in front of or alongside a ballet barre, they're not quite like traditional dance classes. Despite being inspired by ballet, there's no actual dancing involved.

Nevertheless, barre workouts borrow some terminology from dance and are rooted in its principles, though they're distinct in their own right. These sessions are dynamic, full-body experiences characterized by high repetitions set to lively music. Discover what to expect during a barre workout, explore its potential advantages, and even find guidance on what to wear to a barre class.

What is a barre workout and its benefits?

What To Wear to a Barre Class

Barre workouts incorporate compound movements, which engage multiple large muscle groups and at least two primary joints. Research suggests that these types of exercises can significantly enhance overall strength.

For instance, a study featured in a 2017 issue of the journal Frontiers in Physiology highlighted that resistance training programs incorporating multi-joint exercises are more effective at enhancing muscle strength and maximal oxygen consumption compared to those focused primarily on single-joint movements.

A classic example of a compound exercise in a barre routine is the plié squat. These squats involve small pulsing movements, often performed on the toes with one hand resting on the barre for balance. The goal is to sustain the squat position until muscle fatigue sets in, which can lead to improved muscle strength.

Moreover, a 2016 study published in Frontiers in Physiology suggested that engaging in low-intensity resistance training until muscle failure can be as effective as high-intensity resistance training in shorter repetitions for increasing muscle mass and strength.

During a barre session, instructors aim to target all major muscle groups, particularly those in the lower body. Thigh exercises are commonly emphasized across various barre programs, utilizing the barre for balance while executing precise, controlled movements to build strength. The sensation of muscles trembling, often experienced during these exercises, signifies reaching the point of muscle fatigue, which is encouraged to expedite strength gains.

In a typical 50-minute class, participants can anticipate a dynamic warm-up, followed by the main workout interspersed with brief stretching intervals focusing on specific muscle groups. The session typically concludes with a more extensive full-body stretch and relaxation exercises.

Barre routines also incorporate core movements and poses from Pilates and yoga practices, such as the C-curve and flat back abs. Dynamic stretching, a key component of barre workouts, includes exercises like seated twists and lunges, which may enhance knee range of motion and hamstring flexibility, as evidenced by a 2019 study.

What is barre exercise clothing?

If you're new to barre workouts, you might be unsure about what attire is suitable.

Even if you haven't thought about it, it's worth noting: Your usual workout clothes might not be the best choice for a barre class. If your typical attire includes loose hoodies and sneakers, it might be worth considering some snug tanks and grippy socks.

Instructors prefer to have a clear view of your body to provide precise guidance. Wearing pants or women's capris helps them assess your alignment and observe any hip or knee rotations.

It's not just about appearance. The best activewear for barre class can enhance your barre workout experience. Here are our top recommendations for your next session.


Baleaf Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings

Why are form-fitting leggings such a crucial component of your barre attire? Your comfort is paramount, but it's also vital for both you and your instructor to observe your form.

Barre, rooted in ballet, emphasizes precise body alignment. Ensuring your form is precise as you tackle new movements is essential while you break a sweat.

Our Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings offer unrestricted movement and conform to all body shapes, courtesy of Lycra ADAPTIV fabric. With superior stretch for a diverse range of body types, these leggings can be customized by trimming the hem to your desired length. Their seamless design enhances comfort and skin protection while two side drop-in pockets conveniently hold your phone. Plus, a wide waistband provides maximum coverage and ensures your midsection stays in check.

These leggings are ideal for yoga, Pilates, and everyday wear, though not recommended for high-intensity workouts. Customers rave about their quality and comfort, noting their excellent stretch and tummy control. The side pockets securely hold phones, making them a beloved choice for many. Overall, these leggings are a crowd favorite.

Tank Top

Baleaf Freeleaf U-Back Built-In Padded Tank Top

Barre revolves around precise, subtle movements, including the renowned "tuck," where a well-fitted top ensures proper alignment. Going for moisture-wicking fabric is essential, given the inevitable sweat.

Experience full confidence in every movement with the Freeleaf U-Back Built-In Padded Tank Top. Users rave about its breathability, stretchiness, and supportive yet comfortable fit. Suitable for low to medium-impact activities like walks, biking, yoga, and rock climbing, it stays securely in place along both the top and bottom edges. Despite its length, it tucks neatly into high-waisted leggings while offering a cute, semi-cropped look.

Featuring water drop cup technology, it adapts to various body types and feels like a second skin, preventing chafing or irritation. The chest pads stay in place throughout exercise, providing reliable support without discomfort. Plus, it allows unrestricted movement, ensuring comfort and confidence during any activity.

Supportive Sports Bra

Baleaf Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra

Since barre is a low-impact workout, excessive support isn't necessary. However, a well-fitted sports bra, such as our Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra, ensures everything stays in place, allowing you to concentrate on your form without concerns about wardrobe mishaps.

You'll adore this sports bra just as much as those who've already purchased it. Customers rave about its ability to provide excellent support without any movement during activities like jumping or running, thanks to its molded cups. Not only is the bra smooth and comfortable, but it also boasts beautiful details like the elegant back and side seams. Plus, it stays in place without rolling up, and its gorgeous color adds to its appeal.

Grip Socks

Non-slip socks are essential in a barre class to help you flex, pulse, and make those amazing barre moves.

To avoid slips, many studios suggest wearing sticky grip socks, which feature ballet-inspired straps to immerse you in the barre experience.

Flex and Pulse in Your Best Barre Activewear With Baleaf

You don't need to break the bank on barre class fashion. Feel confident as you flex and pulse your way through class in baleaf's Freeleaf collection, featuring Lycra ADAPTIV fabric with sweat-wicking properties that accommodate all body shapes and provide unrestricted movement. Thus, free your body. Free your mind.

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