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The Cheat Sheet: How To Look Taller in Capris

The Cheat Sheet: How To Look Taller in Capris

Capris pants have unexpectedly made a comeback among the '90s and early 2000s fashion trends in 2023. When styled correctly, they offer comfort, practicality, and versatility, unlike other styles. Whether for formal occasions or casual outings, capris adapt well to various settings. Models and celebrities are embracing '90s-style capris, contributing to their current dominance in fashion.

This resurgence is fueled by the revival of '90s fashion on social media, supported by a 22% increase in capris sales, notably popular among both Gen X and Gen Z. Despite their association with the early 2000s, today's capris take inspiration from 1950s designs, favored for their tailored, figure-hugging silhouette similar to Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Fashion's boundless nature offers a variety of capris styles, from snug fits to breezy culottes and denim to pleather, encouraging experimentation to find the perfect pair. And because fashion is for everyone's taking, even petite individuals can style capris pants confidently.

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The Capris Pants

Capris Pants

Capris pants are characterized by their cropped length, snug fit, and their hem ending above the ankle. It's important to note that the key distinction between capris and other cropped pants lies in their length. For instance, Bermuda pants are also cropped but typically feature a hem that falls above the calf, whereas capris extend well below the knee.

How to Style Capris To Look Taller

While capris leggings for women are undoubtedly stylish, it's undeniable that styling cropped pants presents a challenge, particularly as they can visually shorten the appearance of your legs. This effect occurs because the cropped length suggests that your legs end at the level of the hem, which can be particularly noticeable for petite individuals. However, don't fret if you're on the shorter side – with the right outfit combinations and styling choices, you can still rock capris pants with confidence, regardless of your height!

The close fit of these pants offers a slimming effect, making them particularly flattering for those with a triangular body shape characterized by a larger chest and broad shoulders. Capris pants effectively balance the silhouette in such cases. Additionally, for individuals with thin calves, these pants are an excellent choice for showcasing beautiful legs during the summer months.

There is a wide variety of materials, styles, colors, and prints available for these cropped pants, providing petite individuals with ample options to choose from. When selecting the perfect style, remember to incorporate tricks that create a visual illusion of height, such as opting for vertical stripes or darker colors. Here's your guide on how to style capris pants if you're on the shorter side!

Highlight your waist.

Capris pants with a high waistline can create the illusion of longer legs. It's advisable to steer clear of bulky tops as they can disrupt the streamlined look. Instead, go for tops that emphasize the waist, as they contribute to a balanced silhouette.

The Cheat Sheet: How To Look Taller in Capris

Be wary of the right length for you.

A key principle in styling capris is to identify the most flattering length for your legs. Aim for the pants that end at the slimmest part of your legs to accentuate your silhouette. Exercise caution when selecting, avoiding styles that end at the wider portion of your legs.

Go monochromatic.

Choosing a monochromatic ensemble can create the illusion of added height. Choose from a palette of black, red, or neutral tones to effortlessly style both casual and elegant outfits.

Choose tops that best complement your capris.

For petite individuals, selecting tops that draw attention upward is an excellent choice. T-shirts, blouses, and short tunics complement cropped pants beautifully.

Keep in mind that cropped pants pair exceptionally well with shorter tops, particularly for petite frames. Experimenting with capris in appealing pastel hues paired with light-colored tops enables the creation of fantastic smart-casual ensembles.

Wear footwear that balances out proportions and creates the illusion of height.

Every petite individual understands the significance of footwear in completing the overall look. So what are the ideal shoes to pair with capris pants for petite frames?

The selection largely hinges on the style of the pants and the desired aesthetic. For petite individuals, choosing shoes or sandals with high heels is optimal as they impart a taller and slimmer appearance. Additionally, shoes in neutral tones or those matching the color of your pants can elongate the silhouette—a subtle visual trick that yields results.

Alternatively, ballerina flats or flat sandals can also be chosen as they showcase a generous amount of leg. However, go for lighter shades to maintain the illusion of height. It's advisable to steer clear of bulky shoes and sneakers as they may diminish your perceived height.

The Cheat Sheet: How To Look Taller in Capris

Apply the rules of the third.

To counteract the leg-shortening effect of capris pants, it's crucial to ensure a balanced proportion between your top and bottoms. Avoid making your silhouette appear boxy by choosing a top that doesn't match the length of your pants.

For those with a slim, elongated waist, tucking the top into higher-waisted capris can elongate the legs. Conversely, individuals with shorter torsos or wider waists should go for tops that end either at the hip bone or select longer mid-thigh tunic-style tops paired with slim-fitting pants.

Avoid capris with bulky pockets.

Choose capris without pockets, or at most, with a subtle slit or jeans-style pockets at the waist. Steer clear of styles with slash pockets, cargo pockets, or patch pockets as they can widen the hips and thighs.

Avoid cuffed capris.

Cuffed capris introduce unnecessary horizontal lines that can further shorten the appearance of your legs, particularly if it involves denim where the inside color contrasts with the exterior.

Check out the colors you wear.

If you have a curvier lower body and shorter legs, and you're concerned that lighter trousers may accentuate your curves, consider pairing them with a top that is even lighter or brighter. This strategic choice will draw attention upward toward your face, diverting focus from the lower body and minimizing any concerns about accentuating curves.

Get into the Styling Capris Game

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