Morgan is a running coach and mother of three.

She started running when she was pregnant and still runs 5 miles every day at 4 am.

She is the founder of "Miles Through Motherhood," a group that helps mothers find balance through physical activity.


“I needed to show up for myself so that I could show up as the mom that I wanted to be. ”

Baleaf: How would you describe yourself as a mother in just three words?

Morgan: Comforting, Fun, Understanding.

Baleaf: What inspired you to begin running, and how many miles do you run?

Morgan: I started running as a way to connect back to myself after becoming a mom. I had lost myself in the demands of motherhood, and I knew that I needed to show up for myself so that I could show up as the mom that I wanted to be. I run anywhere from 30 miles a week depending on if I am training for a race!

Baleaf: Can you share some memorable moments from your "Miles Through Motherhood" journey, and the role running has played in them?

Morgan: Creating “Miles Through Motherhood” has truly changed my life. It has connected me to SO many mother runners who inspire me every single day. I would say my most memorable moments from Miles Through Motherhood has been the moms who have reached out and told me that they have decided to start running because of me or have been encouraged that they can balance motherhood and training from watching me. Nothing makes me happier than being able to share my journey and help other moms through running.

“Running feels like a reset button for my mind.”

Baleaf: How has running helped you cope with the anxieties associated with motherhood, and how has it influenced your approach to parenting?

Morgan: Running has completely changed my motherhood journey. One of the reasons that I started running was because I struggled with postpartum anxiety. Motherhood is extremely overwhelming and comes with so many tough moments. Running feels like a reset button for my mind. It gives me a chance to fill up my own cup and calm my mind. When I come back from a run, I am more patient, playful, and present with my kids. Running has impacted my approach to parenting because it has taught me that taking care of myself as a mom is not selfish. It is so important for my kids to see me showing up for myself and chasing after my own dreams.


“Movement is a way to create confidence, feel strong, and find joy.”

Baleaf: What advice would you give to inspire other moms to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle?

Morgan: The advice that I would give to other moms to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle is that we can't show up as the mom that we want to be without first showing up for ourselves. Movement is a way to create confidence, feel strong, and find joy.

Baleaf: When did you meet Baleaf, and what do you want to say to Baleaf?

Morgan: I wore Baleaf shorts when I was training for my first half marathon and LOVED them. I was able to connect with Baleaf through sharing my running journey on Miles Through Motherhood. I am so thankful for their amazing clothes and proud of the message that they promote as a company!

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