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Surfing Essentials: Gear up for Your Next Wave

Surfing Essentials: Gear up for Your Next Wave

Curious about the attire of surfers? Perhaps you're eyeing the sport of surfing and pondering the necessary attire. If so, you're in luck! This guide breaks down surfwear essentials and their functions, including what to wear in varying water temperatures.

Fortunately, surfing demands minimal gear, making it easy to dive in.

For a comprehensive overview of surfing attire and outfit essentials, keep reading!

What To Wear for Surfing

Surfing Essentials: Gear up for Your Next Wave

Selecting appropriate clothing is important in surfing. It not only boosts performance but also shields you from the elements. Grab your board, and let's dive right into baleaf's Women's Swimming for your aquatic adventure!

Board Shorts, Swimming Pants, or Swim Shorts

Board shorts are a must-have in every surfer's closet. Crafted specifically for water activities, they offer a blend of comfort, style, and functionality. Seek out board shorts crafted from quick-drying fabric with a snug fit. Prioritize those equipped with a secure tie or Velcro closure for stability throughout your surf session. Also, select board shorts with ample flexibility to facilitate unrestricted movement as you ride the waves.

On the other hand swimming pants are versatile bottoms designed for aquatic activities like surfing, offering both comfort and functionality. Their sleek design ensures a snug fit, reducing drag in the water and enhancing agility while riding waves. With quick-drying properties and durable materials, swim pants provide optimal performance and protection, making them an ideal choice for surfers of all levels.

Another functional option is a pair of swim shorts. A snug pair provides a secure fit that reduces drag in the water, allowing for better maneuverability and control while surfing. The close-fitting design prevents the shorts from riding up or shifting uncomfortably during vigorous movements, ensuring a distraction-free experience on the waves. Additionally, the durable materials commonly used in swim shorts withstand the rigors of surfing, offering longevity and reliability in the water.

Flyleaf UPF 50+ Board Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF 50+ Board Shorts

The Flyleaf UPF 50+ Board Shorts have garnered praise from buyers for their perfect fit and functionality, boasting features like UPF 50+ sun protection, chlorine resistance, and soft, stretchy fabric. With a high rise and wide waistband providing excellent tummy control, coupled with a modest above-knee length and built-in brief, these shorts offer both style and practicality for water activities.

Laureate 28" Multi-Pocket Swimming Pants

Baleaf Laureate 28" Multi-Pocket Swimming Pants

Say hello to the Laureate 28" Multi-Pocket Swimming Pants, the latest obsession among water enthusiasts! Crafted from 80% nylon and 20% Spandex, these pants boast the perfect blend of comfort and durability. With UPF 50+ protection and chlorine resistance, they're your go-to for endless hours in the water, while the four-way stretch ensures unrestricted movement. Plus, the high-waisted design offers tummy control, and with convenient double side pockets and built-in swim briefs, they're as practical as they are stylish—making every surf session a breeze!

Laureate 5" Pocket Casual Swim Shorts

Baleaf Laureate 5" Pocket Casual Swim Shorts

The Laureate 5" Pocket Casual Swim Shorts have sparked a wave of excitement among those who bought them. These shorts are simply marvelous, boasting exceptional compression that keeps everything in place and ensures a comfortable fit. Crafted from quick-dry material with UPF 50+ sun protection, they're perfect for any aquatic adventure or outdoor escapade, offering both style and functionality. With features like a high-rise style for tummy control, a slimming crisscross waist, a seamless front to avoid discomfort, and two pockets with mesh lining, these shorts provide the ultimate freedom of movement without any worry of rolling up.

One-Piece Swimsuit

Baleaf Laureate Crossback Competitive One-piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is the ultimate choice for catching waves with confidence and style. Its streamlined design offers maximum coverage, ensuring you can focus on your surfing without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. The snug fit of a one-piece keeps everything in place, providing excellent support and mobility for agile maneuvers on the board. Plus, its durable construction and quick-drying fabric mean you can transition seamlessly from riding waves to lounging on the beach without missing a beat. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, a one-piece swimsuit is the perfect companion for a day of surfing adventure.

The Laureate Crossback Competitive One-piece Swimsuit has garnered heaps of praise for its exceptional qualities. Crafted from soft yet sturdy material, it offers a durable feel that stands the test of time, even after multiple washes, maintaining its fantastic appearance. With features like UPF50+ protection, moisture-wicking capabilities, and chlorine resistance, this swimsuit not only ensures comfort but also reliability in any aquatic activity. Its thoughtful design, including a crew neck for improved comfort, racerback with wide shoulder straps for enhanced mobility, and adjustable bra pads for tailored support, makes it a stylish and functional choice in surf wear.

Bikini Bottoms

A snug bikini bottom is a surfer's best friend, providing secure coverage that stays put through every wave and maneuver. Its close-fitting design not only offers freedom of movement but also ensures you can focus entirely on riding the waves without any wardrobe worries.

Laureate V-Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Baleaf Laureate V-Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

The Laureate V-Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottoms are the ultimate blend of style and functionality, earning praise for their UPF 50+ sun protection and chlorine-resistant fabric. Lightweight and comfortable, they're perfect for all-day wear by the water. Featuring a twist front and ruched detailing for tummy control, along with a flattering V-cut design, these bottoms offer both confidence and chic style with just the right amount of coverage for beach and pool days.

Rash Guard

A crucial garment in any surfer's wardrobe is the rash guard, tailored to shield your skin from the rigors of the waves. Specifically engineered to combat sunburn and the abrasive effects of surfboard friction, it comes in diverse materials like neoprene and spandex, providing both flexibility and insulation, particularly in cooler waters. When selecting yours, prioritize UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to ensure comprehensive defense against the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays.


Surf boots, or booties, are an optional yet really helpful part of surf gear. They shield your feet from sharp rocks in the water and keep them warm in chilly conditions. When picking booties, go for ones with a tough sole for protection and a tight fit to keep water out, and make sure they're made of strong materials that can handle the ocean's challenges.

Off-Duty Surf Fashion

Off-duty surf fashion brings the laid-back, sun-kissed vibes of the beach to everyday wear, blending relaxed silhouettes with vibrant hues and functional pieces that effortlessly capture the spirit of coastal living.

Sun Hoodie

A sun hoodie is the ultimate beach companion for when you're taking a break from surfing. Its lightweight, breathable fabric provides much-needed protection from the sun's harsh rays, shielding your skin from potential sunburn while keeping you cool and comfortable. The hood offers added coverage for your head and neck, ensuring you stay protected even during extended periods of relaxation on the sand. Plus, its versatile design allows you to easily transition from beachside lounging to exploring nearby shops or grabbing a bite to eat without skipping a beat. So whether you're soaking up the sun or seeking refuge in the shade, a sun hoodie is the perfect blend of style and sun-smart functionality for your beach adventures.

Laureate Long Sleeve Sun Protection Coverup

Baleaf Laureate Long Sleeve Sun Protection Coverup

The Laureate Long Sleeve Sun Protection Coverup is winning hearts with its lightweight design that packs effortlessly, offering convenient sun coverage whenever needed. Boasting a soft and comfortable material, it's a delight to wear for extended periods under the sun. With features like UPF50+ sun protection, breathable fabric, and convenient additions like a full zip, hood, thumbholes, and side pockets, it's the perfect blend of functionality and comfort for your outdoor adventures, ensuring you stay protected and stylish wherever your travels take you.

Swim Skort

The swim skort is the ideal off-duty surfer outfit, seamlessly combining style and practicality for beachside adventures. Its versatile design offers coverage and comfort, making it perfect for transitioning from the waves to casual hangouts without missing a beat. Whether you're catching waves or lounging in the sun, the swim skort provides a chic and functional option for every off-duty surfer's wardrobe.

Flyleaf Quick-drying A-line Swimming Skort

Baleaf Flyleaf Quick-drying A-line Swimming Skort

The Flyleaf Quick-drying A-line Swimming Skort is receiving rave reviews for its exceptional coverage and stylish design. With UPF 50+ protection and four-way stretch fabric, it offers both sun protection and flexibility for any water activity. Featuring a flattering A-line silhouette, a high waist with tummy control, and a convenient back pocket, it's the perfect blend of fashion and functionality for a day at the beach or pool.

Get Stoked in Baleaf Style

Get ready to ride the waves in ultimate style with baleaf! Elevate your surf game with our range of high-performance swimwear designed for maximum comfort and durability. Because when the waves are up, it's time to get stoked!

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