How to Style a Tennis Skort and Look Chic and Preppy on and off the Court

How to Style a Tennis Skort and Look Chic and Preppy on and off the Court

Lightweight, breathable, and consistently stylish, tennis skorts are now a wardrobe essential. Providing an effortlessly preppy appearance in no time, there's a lot to appreciate.

Mastering the art of styling is crucial. Whether you're gearing up for a tennis match or going out with friends, there are numerous ways to showcase this versatile piece. If you're uncertain about where to begin, don't worry – we've got you covered. Explore our straightforward guide on how to style a tennis skort and look chic and preppy on and off the court.

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The Tennis Skort

How to Style a Tennis Skort and Look Chic and Preppy on and off the Court

In the 18th century, societal norms limited women to skirts as pants were associated with masculinity. The impracticality of long skirts, especially for activities like bicycle riding, led to the invention of trouser skirts. As women entered sports, particularly tennis, where the movement was crucial, traditional and trouser skirts weren't suitable, giving way to divided skirts with shorts underneath, offering both modesty and flexibility for active pursuits.

Initially sport-specific, skorts gained fashion popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. With versatility in colors, materials, and styles, they became a favored choice for various occasions. Today, skorts are a chic and practical wardrobe essential for women, providing a diverse range of designs, lengths, materials, and colors for both freedom of movement and style.

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What To Look for in a Tennis Skort

Take into account the length, material, and style of your tennis skort, considering whether you intend to wear it on or off the tennis court.

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The tennis mini skort is a short, low-rise option, typically ending about six inches above the knees. Alternatively, you can choose a high-rise tennis skort, featuring more fabric and sitting higher around the belly button.


Search for tennis skorts equipped with an elastic waistband to enhance comfort and flexibility. Choose those crafted from breathable, sweat-resistant materials, such as stretch-jersey knit, nylon, or spandex for athletic use on the court. If you prefer a more structured look for everyday wear, consider tennis skorts made of cotton or khaki materials.


A-line skirts provide a flattering silhouette, especially when worn casually. Tennis skorts combine snug, elastic shorts with a separate front flap, creating the appearance of a skirt. Pleated tennis skorts feature folded fabric panels for enhanced mobility, serving as both practical athletic wear and stylish streetwear.

The Best Tennis Skorts for Women

Give the best serve in these amazing and figure-flattering skorts, must-have staples in your wardrobe.

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Laureate UPF50+ Knee-Length Skort

Baleaf Laureate UPF50+ Knee-Length Skort

The Laureate UPF50+ Knee-Length Skort pays homage to the classic all-tennis white attire, constructed with 90% polyester and 10% Spandex for moisture-wicking, breathability, and quick-drying performance.

Featuring a high-rise style, knee-length design, and a wide waistband for maximum coverage, it also includes practical elements like an inner drawstring, built-in liner, three pockets, split hem for a free range of motion, and flatlock seams to prevent chafing.

Laureate Knee-Length Lightweight Skorts

Baleaf Laureate Knee-Length Lightweight Skort

The Laureate Knee-Length Lightweight Skort, a bestseller, combines chic allure with a modest length that effortlessly pairs with various tops.

Crafted from 88.5% polyester and 11.5% Spandex, it is breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying, and features a high-rise style, inner drawstring, built-in mesh liner for freedom of movement, a ruffle bottom for an elegant touch, three pockets, and flatlock seams for chafe-free comfort.

Sustainable 20" Knee-Length Skort

Baleaf Sustainable 20" Knee-Length Skort

The Sustainable 20" Knee-Length Skort, a top seller, is crafted from recycled materials like recycled polyester and recycled nylon.

Featuring a high-rise style, knee-length design, wide waistband for maximum coverage, built-in liner for added coverage and stability, a slit hem design for a fashionable appearance, and flatlock seams to prevent chafing, it embodies both sustainability and style.

Sustainable A-Line Skort

Baleaf Sustainable A-Line Skort

The Sustainable A-Line Skort, exclusively available on Baleaf's website, features a high-rise A-line skirt design with a built-in flexible liner for extended coverage and comfort while its pleated style defines and shapes the hips. Crafted with sustainability in mind, it incorporates flatlock seams to ensure a chafe-free experience.

Laureate UPF50+ Pleated Skorts

Baleaf Laureate UPF50+ Pleated Skorts

The Laureate UPF50+ Pleated Skorts exude a preppy and playful vibe with their pleated design and UPF50+ sun protection.

Crafted from 93.3% polyester and 6.7% Spandex, they offer quick-dry, skin-friendly, lightweight, and breathable comfort, complemented by a high-rise style, an elastic waistband for customizable fit, and three practical pockets.

Laureate Pleated Tennis Skorts

Baleaf Laureate Pleated Tennis Skorts

The Laureate Pleated Tennis Skorts, crafted from 80.8% polyester and 19.2% Spandex, boast a soft, lightweight, and breathable feel, ensuring skin-friendly comfort. With a high-rise style, wide compression waistband for tummy control, pleated design sculpting and contouring the hips, built-in liner for freedom of movement and to prevent roll-up, and two practical pockets, these skorts seamlessly blend style and functionality.

Laureate Tennis Mini Skorts

Baleaf Laureate Tennis Mini Skorts

The Laureate Tennis Mini Skorts are irresistibly pretty and chic, crafted from 90% polyester and 10% Spandex. With a tiered ruffle hem, high-rise style, and a wide waistband, they not only ensure a flattering figure but also provide a secure and comfortable fit with inner shorts, all made from light, stretchy, and breathable fabric.

How to Style a Tennis Skort

The tennis skort is undeniably one of the most versatile outfits we can have in our wardrobe. With its ease of wear, effortless style, and guaranteed comfort, it has become a staple that we wholeheartedly endorse for any activity or outing. So here's how to style the amazing tennis skorts on and off the court.

The Tenniscore

Thanks to Gen Z's impressive social media savviness, there's now a distinct "core" aesthetic for every fashion style, reminiscent of the Y2K or normcore trends popularized on platforms like TikTok. The latest addition to this lineup is tenniscore, a retro, 70s-inspired athleisure wear with a preppy twist featuring elements like pleated skorts, polos, and chunky white dad sneakers.

This vintage style isn't just confined to athleisure. It's making waves in streetwear as well. Embrace this trend by combining a pleated tennis skort with an oversized, vintage-inspired polo or sweatshirt.

Alternatively, try pairing the skort with a brami and an oversized cardigan sweater. Complete your look with a fresh pair of white sneakers and tall socks to fully embrace the tenniscore aesthetic.

The Country Club Ensemble

Creating a timeless and chic ensemble with a tennis skort doesn't require actual tennis skills. Go for the classic preppy, country club tennis player look.

Tuck your favorite polo shirt into a simple tennis skort, consider tying a light sweater around your shoulders for added flair, and complete the outfit with cute sneakers, high-ankle socks, and a baseball cap or visor. This effortlessly chic look transcends athleticism, making it accessible for anyone to pull off with ease.

The Classic Tennis White

Go for a timeless Victorian-inspired look by pairing your favorite white tennis skort with a white top of your preference—whether it's a tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeve, the choice is yours. This effortlessly stylish ensemble requires minimal effort while delivering maximum impact.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Wimbledon-inspired outfit holds historical significance as the tradition of wearing all white not only exudes style but also reflects sunlight and conceals sweat, your ideal summer getup.

The Street Style Vibe

How to Style a Tennis Skort and Look Chic and Preppy on and off the Court

For a touch of streetwear flair, elevate your athleisure look by choosing a darker-colored tennis skort paired with a trendy top. The deeper hue adds a streetwear aesthetic to your everyday sporty style, making it versatile for activities like an early morning workout class or running errands.

To perfect your athleisure street style, consider adding playful shoes, an oversized cardigan, or even a trendy fanny pack to carry your essentials.

The Tennis Athlete

Tailored for the competitive athlete, this ensemble revolves around the versatility of tennis skorts, an ideal choice to elevate your game.

Choose a skort crafted from anti-odor, four-way stretch, and quick-drying material to unleash your maximum potential on the court, pairing it seamlessly with a breathable, lightweight tank or tee for optimal performance.

For colder weather, layering is key. Consider adding an oversized blazer or button-up over your tennis skirt. To embrace the tenniscore aesthetic, layer a cable knit sweater over a pleated tennis skort and top it off with a matching, cozy lapel jacket.

Whether in warmer climates or the cooler fall months, tennis skorts prove to be a stylish and adaptable choice.

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Score a Fab Fashion Serve in a Tennis Skort

Turn heads and elevate your style game on and off the court by choosing from our fashionable tennis skorts in the Women's Golf & Tennis collection. Secure your desired look to make a statement that delivers the perfect serve.

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