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How To Choose the Best Women’s Swim Skort for Your Beach Getaway

How To Choose the Best Women’s Swim Skort for Your Beach Getaway

Because it's endless summer bliss in some parts of the globe, vacations, pool parties, and leisurely beach days are always on the horizon. As such, having the best women's swim skorts is a must-have in the wardrobe. However, selecting the right swimwear can often pose a challenge. But fear not, we've curated a plethora of styles, cuts, and designs, of swim skorts for women, offering flattering, comfortable, and versatile options suitable for all body shapes, sizes, and tastes. Let's dive into this guide to uncover the best swim skort for you.

What are skorts for swimming?

Once upon a time, swim skorts were solely defined as swim bottoms with a skirt silhouette. However, in contemporary times, the term encompasses a broader range of options. Nowadays, swim skorts can refer to standalone skorts or skort sets designed to complement your bikini or one-piece swimsuit. Generally, they offer added coverage to your swim ensemble, allowing for versatile styling suitable for both beach activities and post-swim outings.

Yet, not all swim skorts serve the same purpose. Some are crafted for swimming while others prioritize coverage, resembling sarongs or pareos.

Regardless of your intention—whether for aquatic activities or as a stylish cover-up—there exists a plethora of women's swim skorts to suit your needs.

What are the features of the best swimming skorts?

How To Choose the Best Women’s Swim Skort for Your Beach Getaway

Swim skorts undoubtedly offer the optimal solution for enhanced coverage whether you're lounging by the pool or strolling along the beach. In Baleaf's Women's Swimming collection, you'll discover a range of pieces designed to facilitate movement, ensuring they're not just ideal for beachside relaxation but also active pursuits. So what key features should you prioritize when selecting a swim skort?


Choose a swim skort crafted from the same material as your swimsuit for seamless integration. Fast-drying, durable, performance-blend fabrics ensure your swim skort performs well in aquatic environments. Avoid skorts made from cotton or other non-swim materials that may not hold up when wet.


While the allure of a longer swim skirt may be tempting, it's best to resist. Long skorts tend to become heavy when submerged and can easily tangle around swimmers' legs. Aim for a shorter length, ideally ending just below the buttocks, for optimal comfort and maneuverability.


Look for swim skorts with pockets, built-in briefs, and adjustable drawstring waistbands for added functionality. Ensure your swim skort meets all your requirements.


Choose a form-fitting swim skort to maintain coverage without excess material that can impede movement in the water. Seek skorts that hug the body for a sleek, streamlined appearance.


Whether you prefer a high-waisted swim skort in a solid color or a mid-rise skort adorned with prints, our collection offers versatile options for effortless mix-and-match styling with your favorite swimsuits.

How can we style women's swim skorts?

Swim skorts aren't just fashionable. They're incredibly practical—particularly for those moments when you've forgotten or opted out of shaving or waxing your bikini area. Perhaps you simply prefer the convenience of a pool-friendly sports skort, seamlessly transitioning from poolside relaxation to dinner outings. Whatever your motivation (and there are countless reasons), a quality swim skort is an essential summer staple.

Choose the A-line skirt style.

Baleaf Flyleaf Quick-drying A-line Swimming Skort

A major factor driving the popularity of women's swim skorts is their diverse range of styles, ensuring effortless discovery of the ideal fit. Short A-line swim skorts exude a chic, athletic aura, equipped with concealed built-in shorts, eliminating the need for constant adjustments during your vacation. Go for skorts designed to layer over your preferred bikini bottoms, offering both versatility and enhanced sun protection.

Achieve both on-water comfort and off-water style with the Flyleaf Quick-drying A-line Swimming Skort, featuring a blend of 76% nylon and 24% Spandex for UPF 50+ protection and four-way stretch. Its A-line design offers flattering coverage while high-waisted, tummy-control features and a non-see-through construction ensure confidence, topped off with a convenient back pocket for essentials.

Keep them short.

Baleaf Flyleaf V Crisscross High-Rise Skort

The crucial element in choosing the perfect swim skort lies in achieving the right proportion. A swim skort should resemble genuine swimwear. This entails ensuring that the skirt's hemline falls just below your buttocks. Anything longer and you risk resembling someone in a swim dress. Regardless of any perceived lower body concerns, going for a skort that's too long will only detract from your overall appearance.

Experience unparalleled water fun with the Flyleaf V Crisscross High-Rise Skort, praised by those who own it for its exceptional quality and versatility, suitable for any occasion. Crafted from 80.5% nylon and 19.5% Spandex, this skort offers UPF 50+ sun protection, and chlorine resistance, and features a four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric for breathability and quick drying. Its high-rise design, wide waistline for ample coverage, and A-line pleated silhouette ensure a flattering, streamlined body curve, complemented by a curved slit skirt hem and boxer liner for added comfort and style.

Keep them tight.

Baleaf Laureate High-Rise Swim Skort

Typically, swim skorts should not sway excessively as you walk but rather fit snugly against your body—not so tight as to resemble a sausage casing, yet snug (and short) enough to necessitate built-in bikini bottoms beneath. Simply put, if your swim skort is long and flowing to the point of swaying like a traditional skirt, then it functions more as a cover-up rather than swimwear.

Embrace your curves with the Laureate High-Rise Swim Skort, crafted from 82.8% polyester and 17.2% Spandex for UPF 50+ sun protection and chlorine resistance, featuring high-rise construction and ruched detailing to provide optimal tummy control and enhance leg appearance, along with a non-see-through built-in brief and a secure back pocket for your valuables.

Choose the right top to balance out the proportions.

Baleaf Laureate Triangle Lined Swimming Skort

As swim skorts tend to offer modest coverage, they're best paired with a bikini top for a balanced look. Going for a slightly longer swim skort necessitates a more revealing top to maintain harmony. If you're set on a tankini top and swim skort ensemble, it's crucial to select a tankini with a plunging neckline or added allure to counterbalance the coverage of the swim skort.

Experience unparalleled versatility by pairing your favorite swim tops with the Laureate Triangle Lined Swimming Skort, boasting 82.8% polyester and 17.2% Spandex for UPF 50+ sun protection and chlorine resistance, offering comfort and lightweight wear. With its high-rise style for superior tummy control and a hidden back pocket for valuables, along with an umbrella-shaped line design adding playful flair, this skort ensures both style and functionality.

Can you wear a swim skort as a regular skirt?

Absolutely! That's the charm of a swim skort—they're crafted to effortlessly transition your swimwear from beachside relaxation to brunch outings or even a casual bar setting. However, it's essential to note that not all swim skorts are created equal, and it's wise to consider your post-swim plans when choosing the right one. For instance, a sheer, high-slit sarong-style swim skort might not be the most suitable option for venues bustling with families or children.

Make a Splash in Women's Swim Skorts

Get ready to dive into pure water bliss and bask in that sun-kissed glow while staying protected and stylish with the ultimate swim skort, designed to provide ample coverage and all the fun fashion flair synonymous with beach getaways and pool parties.

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