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A Guide to Men’s Swimwear

A Guide to Men’s Swimwear

Over the past century, the landscape of men's swimwear fashion has undergone significant transformations. Once upon a time, it was commonplace for men to take to the water au naturel, but the evolution of mixed-gender swimming necessitated the creation of suitable attire. Early swimsuits crafted from wool bore a resemblance to traditional undergarments, yet their stretchable nature and limited water absorption made them functional.

By the 1920s, tank suits gained popularity among male swimmers, featuring elongated sleeves and knee-length trunks. However, as the emphasis shifted toward highlighting the male physique and athleticism, swimwear designs evolved. Sleeves gave way to broader armholes, and trunks grew shorter, resembling singlets fused with swim shorts, accentuating the wearer's form.

A Guide to Men’s Swimwear

The 1950s and 1960s witnessed the rise of swim trunks, particularly among the younger demographic, serving as vibrant fashion statements in an array of hues. Concurrently, athletic swimwear gained traction, catering to serious swimmers and leaving little to the imagination.

In the 1980s, the emergence of prominent surf brands revolutionized boardshorts, initially conceived to shield legs from wax-induced discomfort. These brands diversified board short designs, incorporating various colors and bold logos, garnering popularity among surfers and non-surfers alike.

In recent decades, modern swim shorts have proliferated, with a notable shift away from the dominance of major surf brands. Independent labels have seized the opportunity to cater to the non-surfer market, diversifying options in men's swimwear fashion.

Men's Swimwear

Men are presented with a diverse array of swimwear options, ranging from classic swimming trunks to knee-length Bermuda shorts. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select the length and fit of swimwear that best complements your physique. Below, we'll outline the various types of swimwear available and offer some useful tips on finding the perfect fit to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

Swim Shorts

Crafted with a broad cut and non-stretch material, these men's casual swim shorts offer a comfortable yet spacious fit, covering approximately the upper third of the thigh. This length caters to those desiring a relaxed swimwear style while maintaining an illusion of height. Additionally, the drawstring feature provides versatility, allowing individuals to adjust and conceal the lower abdomen as desired.

Swim Trunks

Men's swim trunks are snugly fitted and designed to rest on the hips, featuring short legs for a distinct appearance. Similar to swim briefs, they're well-suited for frequent swimming, minimizing water resistance. Sporting a pair of swimming trunks lends a sporty aesthetic, with the short leg length contributing to the illusion of elongated legs.

A Guide to Men’s Swimwear

Bermuda Shorts

When it comes to swimwear, Bermuda shorts are the pinnacle of length, extending gracefully to the knees. This generous fabric coverage can create the illusion of shorter legs, ideal for tall gentlemen. Despite their extended length, these knee-length swim shorts for men offer a breezy and comfortable fit, perfect for aquatic activities like swimming or surfing.

Swim Boxer Shorts

Men's fast-drying swim shorts are versatile, suiting any body shape with ease. Swim boxer shorts reach the upper thighs or slightly below, ensuring comfort and unrestricted movement. The loose waistband on the outside of the shorts is particularly ideal for plus-sized men, offering a comfortable and accommodating fit.

Swim Briefs

Men's swim briefs are characterized by their short length, snug fit, and high-cut legs. Ideal for swimming or sunbathing while showcasing the upper thighs, they offer comfort and freedom of movement, particularly suitable for activities like beach volleyball. The high leg cut creates a visual elongation effect, potentially enhancing the stature of shorter men.

How To Choose Men’s Swimwear

Diving into the world of men’s swimwear? Let's make a splash with style! From finding the perfect fit to selecting the right color and pattern, we'll navigate the waters together to ensure you make waves in the pool or at the beach.


The primary consideration when selecting your swimwear is determining your intended activities. If your goal is to pursue professional swimming and engage in laps at the pool, athletic swimwear is the optimal choice, regardless of your current body shape.

Most men find swim trunks suitable for various beach or pool activities. If you plan to go from water to a café smoothly, choose trunks that can double as streetwear. Look for trunks with practical pockets and think about skipping mesh/net lining for added comfort when out and about.

Body Shape

A Guide to Men’s Swimwear

Let's be honest, gentlemen: if you're in good shape, you can pull off almost any swimwear style.

For those with a fit physique, go for snugger trunks that accentuate your muscles rather than concealing them under loose fabric. You don't necessarily have to stick to athletic swimwear just because you're in great shape, but opt for trunks with a higher cut or a closer fit. If you're proud of your legs, consider sporting higher-cut trunks to flaunt a bit of muscle.

If you're not feeling your best physically, steer clear of athletic styles as they tend to reveal more skin. Instead, choose well-fitting trunks in a color that complements your skin tone for a flattering look.


If you're tall and blessed with a fit physique, you've got the green light to rock just about any length of men's swimwear.

However, the scenario changes if you're tall but lean, particularly in the arms and legs department. For the tall and slender, steer clear of boardshorts that extend beyond the knees as they can create a visual resemblance to wearing capris pants at the beach. Additionally, avoid swim trunks that are excessively baggy or loose as they can further emphasize slim legs. Choose swim trunks with a balanced length that complements your proportions, avoiding overly wide-legged styles.

On the other end of the spectrum, shorter individuals often gravitate toward shorter trunks, hoping to create the illusion of longer legs. However, this approach can backfire as shorter swimwear tends to accentuate the thighs, potentially adding bulk to the torso. Instead, aim for swim trunks that hit around mid-thigh length, striking a harmonious balance in your overall proportions.

Skin Tone

Once you've settled on the perfect swimwear style, the next big decision is choosing the right color or pattern. Your choice of color can make a huge difference in how sharp or sloppy you look when you step out of the water this summer.

For those with fair skin, stick to tones like slate, navy, and greens. Add a pop of white or pink in patterns to stay trendy and show you're not afraid of some color!

On the other hand, if you have a darker complexion, don't shy away from bold colors like canary yellow, sky blue, lime green, red, and pastels—they'll complement your skin tone beautifully.

Consider your usual choices for business shirts and t-shirts as a starting point for selecting swimwear colors, but don't be afraid to experiment with new shades.

Also, think about what you'll be pairing your swimwear with and make sure the colors won't clash. If you plan to throw on a t-shirt and head to the beach bar, make sure your swimwear complements your top for a cohesive look.

Patterns or Prints

For a more dynamic swimwear collection and to avoid appearing overly conservative, consider incorporating patterns into your choices.

Go for geometric or understated motifs to maintain a refined aesthetic, prioritizing vibrant colors over flashy designs. Be cautious of stripes or patterns that mimic stripes as horizontal stripes can widen your figure while vertical ones elongate it. Avoid loud prints such as Hawaiian or bold stripes if you seek long-lasting style. Instead, embrace eye-catching patterns like geometric designs, stripes, or subtle motifs to infuse your summer wardrobe with freshness.

Confidently Rock Your Chosen Men's Swimwear

Confidence is essential for pulling off any men's swimwear style. Once you've found the right pair, whether for the beach or poolside, wear them proudly! Match with a cool t-shirt and fashionable footwear, then step out confidently with a smile.

Embrace the relaxation and leisure time, confidently flaunting your chosen quick-dry men's swimwear from our Men's Swimming collection as you soak up the sun and dive into aquatic fun!

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