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Baleaf Affiliate Program

Earn Up To 10%~20% Recurring Commissions

How It Works


It's free and easy to join. You will also have the chance to win a free product.


Whatever your form of promotion, we have simple linking tools to help you make a profit.


Get up to 10%~20% commission on successful referrals. Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases.

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Why join us

Why join us

Join us and you will get these benefits.

  • Exclusive community access

    Gain exclusive access to the Alliance community, participate in Alliance promotional missions, and earn additional rewards.

  • Be the first to get discounts & free products

    We will release exclusive event information for you as soon as possible, and you will know as soon as possible.

  • Performance Rewards

    Join our affiliate program and have the opportunity to receive generous bonuses and more exquisite gifts based on performance.

  • Earn commissions easily

    Get the assistance of a professional promotion team to help you better develop your business.

What alliances need to do

As an affiliate of the baleaf brand, we want you to do the same.

  • Share our brand

    Share our brand in your social circles every month and bring in orders.

  • Participate in tasks

    Actively participate in tasks posted in the affiliate community to promote our brand.

  • Helping others

    Find disabled people or children around you who love sports, provide it to us, we will give away free clothes.

  • Love Make a suggestion

    Actively make suggestions about our products and services.

What alliances need to do


What does it cost to become an Affiliate?

Nothing. Applying to and participating in our Affiliate Program is completely free. We do not impose an application fee or a minimum sales quota.

What products are eligible for commission?

All products available online at, except for Gift Cards, are eligible. When customers referred by your site make a purchase, you earn a commission.

Where can I share my Coupon Code?

Share our website along with your Coupon Code (along with your photos and testimonials) in your email messages, texts, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts, website and anywhere else you can think of! Share it everywhere and all the time!

Can my affiliate commission be reversed?

In specific cases, yes. If a customer returns a product within 30 days, requests a refund, cancels an order, or if an order is invalidated due to a disputed charge or credit card fraud, the commission for this transaction will also be canceled and will not be processed or credited to your account.

How do I withdraw my commission?

Affiliate commissions are paid monthly based on net sales and do not include returns, sales tax, or shipping and handling fees. You can directly withdraw your commission from the affiliate network. For specific rules regarding withdrawals, please refer to the chosen affiliate network.